Freelance Sports Journalist whose previous roles include Chesterfield FC, Dewsbury Rams RLFC, the All England Badminton Championships and the Press Association. Studied Sports Journalism at the University of Huddersfield, my journalism career began with the Bedfordshire FA at just 15 years of age as the sole reporter on their disability football league.

Over the course of my degree and the work experience I have carried out thus far I have obtained a strong understanding of industry standard software including Adobe Audition, Adobe InDesign, Burli Bulletins and Avid Media Composer. I am also able to record and create packages for both television and radio.

Over the course of my time at Chesterfield I learnt how to deal with difficult situations having been involved in both the Ched Evans and the fake raffle ticket cases. During these cases I learnt how to deal with the larger outside media coverage that the club was receiving, and ways to make this coverage positive when it could easily have been negative.

During my time at both Chesterfield and Dewsbury Rams I have been responsible for coming up with various different ideas. This includes replacing the usual ‘team watch’ and ‘key players’ sections with the teams local journalist’s versions and getting players to use go-pro’s during training. I also came up with various fun player features for the programme while regularly introducing new ideas into the clubs alternative highlights package among other ideas. As well as coming up with the programme name ‘Ram-pages’ for the Dewsbury Rams programme.

I have been taught by some of the industries top professionals in The Times’ Chris Irvine, BBC’s Dave Woods, Sky Sports’ Peter Smith and ITV Calendars ‘David Devenport.

I have a passionate interest in all sports and have been to a variety of sporting events, the highlight of which being four British Grand Prix’s. I held a Norwich City Football ticket for over five years and have attended matches at a large proportion of football grounds across the country.