Views From the Press Box

I have already learnt a lot from Nick and Iain on my work experience placement at Chesterfield and will be looking to make the most of their experience throughout the season, while trying to contribute to the team myself. Working inside a football clubs is a fantastic experience and shows you a side to the game that as a supporter you would never see. 

As with most years at the Proact, the media team has acquired two student journalists from one of the local University’s on work experience for the season. We come in once a week and on match days to generally make a nuisance of ourselves and occasionally contribute something to the programme and the website.

Oldham’s press officer Luke Ingram was actually in the same position as me at Chesterfield when completing his University course at Huddersfield, which gives you an insight into the opportunity that this placement provides me with.

I have been here since November of last season and have already learnt vast amounts in my short time at the club. Both my writing and videoing have improved having learnt from seasoned professionals in Nick and Iain, while it has given me an insight into the runnings of a football club at this level.

This will be my final year at University and alongside working here at the Proact I will have a number of assignments to complete throughout the year as well as my dissertation.

In the previous match against Oldham I was tasked with filming the match on the clubs new camera, in which I used the opportunity to catch up with its purchasers Paul and Kimberley from the Bridge Inn Blues Away Travel Club who had travelled to the match.

The stewards from oldham provided their own challenges to my filming on the day, with their insistence that I play musical chairs when recording and as such was forced to change positions on a number of occasions.

While my own insistence on capturing Spireites supporters antics during the match meant that I nearly missed a few of Oldham’s chances in the game – ohh what a shame that would have been.

I will be back at the Proact this weekend and on match report duty, hoping to have something positive to write about during a winnable clash against in-form Northampton.

Match reports for football clubs need to be a very different style to those of a newspaper, with the emphasis on a detailed account of the match. Newspaper however want match reports to have a news story element to them, something to keep an eye on when reading them both this weekend.

Craig Draycott

Media team member.


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